Freshen & Scent your laundry

Freshen and Scent your laundry without dryer sheets with our dryer bags and wool balls.

Our muslin dryer bags are filled with lavender buds and essential oil and can be used for multiple loads

Each bags lasts for multiple loads

May be refreshed with a few drops of oil

When finished open bag and spread buds on your rug or carpet and vacuum to freshen both your floor covering and vacuum.

Lavender Dryer Bags

Lavender dryer balls are made from wool infused with lavender oil. Also reusable and can be refreshed with lavender oil. Sold in sets of two.

Lavender Dryer Balls

Candle Season

There’s a chill in the air and the days are getting shorter. We are adding our soy wax lavender candles to our self-serve stand. 4 oz jars with metal screw on tops. Perfect for a pop up outdoor dinner date

If you’re looking for a project. You can make your own candles with lavender oil and soy wax flakes or bees wax beads. You can buy wicks, wax flakes and beads at craft stores and web sites. They make nice gifts too.

You can use mason jars or coffee cups – any heat tempered receptacle as a container. To start, Place your wick in the center of your jar – Use a clothespin to keep it straight. Melt your wax in the microwave. We use an 8 cup batter measuring cup. The spout makes for an easy pour. Add 15 to 20 drops of lavender oil to your melted wax . Stir with a chopstick and pour into your container. Let cure for about two days and trim the wick before before lighting. Most packages of wax and wicks have candle making instructions too.

If you don’t want to mess with hot wax – you can also mix the flakes or beads with lavender oil and arrange the flakes or pellets into the jar arranging them around the wick and light it. See above. This method may be easier for children

Please always be careful around hot wax and never leave a lit candle unattended.

How to dry lavender

You have a nice fresh bunch of lavender – now what? For drying lavender, bundle stems together with a rubber band Hang bundles upside down to dry in a dark, warm spot. For more than one bundle Use paper clips to secure bundle to clothesline. Protect drying lavender from sunlight to retain best color, and place a sheet beneath the bundles to catch any buds or blooms that might fall. You should have dried lavender bunches in about seven to 10 days, depending on humidity.

Drying lavender

You can store dried lavender buds to add their sweet floral flavor to kitchen creations. Like other herbs, dried lavender buds are more potent than fresh. When recipes call for fresh lavender, substitute half as many dried lavender buds or blooms.

You can also use dry lavender buds in crafts like potpourri, sachets or soaps.

Pop Up Farm Stand July 11th 10am – 2pm

Face masks 😷 and Social Distancing Required

All Your favorites and some surprises.

Fresh and dried lavender

Debit/credit cards, Apple Pay for no contact payment NO CASH

If you don’t want to wear a mask 😷 Please don’t visit. Thank You